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The owners of the Meatball restaurant chain opened a self-catering Marketplace cafe on Nevsky Prospekt with a high level of cuisine. In the Marketplace, they cook in front of visitors only with fresh products, sometimes even from farmers. As conceived by the creators, the new institution should resemble a market where you can buy food from around the world from wok to French buns.

The Marketplace has a self-service system, the kitchen and food counters are located on the ground floor at the entrance. Each zone serves its own dishes: there is a separate stand for meat and grill, another one for pasta and wok, fish and side dishes can be chosen near the longest counter. Meat, fish, wok and pasta are prepared directly at guests, which takes several minutes. However, the menu has many dishes that you do not have to wait if there is no time. About 20 chefs work in the shift, so small lines can be found here only at lunchtime. On the second floor there is a pastry shop, pastries and sweets are produced themselves. The chief confectioner Alexandra used to work as a pastry chef in the Globus Gourmet network. Chocolate truffles or caramel baskets offer tea with natural additives to choose from, such as dried rose or sea buckthorn.

The Marketplace has three floors and four spacious rooms. In total, the restaurant is designed for 260 people. The interior concept is based on the spirit of freedom, so on the first floor the brick walls are decorated with graffiti, and on the second one you can draw with chalk on the black walls. The design of the space was done by the architectural studio of the Arkhipenko brothers, who tried to make a democratic and simple concept, while the items from Ikea are almost invisible here, and visitors sit on designer chairs, Viennese chairs and soft sofas. The walls were helped by the St. Petersburg artist Alexei Spay and illustrator Irina Golikova. The owners deliberately left the interior in the Marketplace unfinished so that the restaurant managers could fill the space with the details that they like - new drawings, plants or small decorative items.

Two more Marketplace restaurants opened on Constitution Square and the pedestrian line of Vasilyevsky Island. The owners have big plans for development. And, perhaps, in the near future, those who come to eat on a bicycle will receive a special discount.

Evgenia Anfimova

Marketplace Project Manager


There are practically no places where you can eat normally for 200-250 rubles in St. Petersburg. And to eat this amount is good - in a sense, freedom, here we are just for it. We have the whole concept of the institution - this is freedom: in one place you can find Asian, Italian, and home Russian cuisine, such a culinary mini-journey. This idea is reflected in everything - for example, on one of the walls there is a world map with all the continents, which are covered in various dishes. We tried to create such an institution in which it would be nice to spend time, and so that visitors know what is prepared for them from fresh products. In the interior, they repelled from the place, after all, this is Nevsky Prospect, and we have a view of the Kazan Cathedral.

Chicken skewers - 115 rublesWok rice with chicken - 123 rublesSingaporean beef - 180 rublesRice fried with shrimp - 155 rublesSalad with smoked salmon and green beans - 147 rubles Seafood pasta - 175 rublesChicken roll - 70 rublesCaramel latte - 92 rublesTea with honey and cinnamon - 55 rublesNon-alcoholic mojito - 150 rubles


  • Celery salad with apple and yogurt - 42 rubles.
  • Salad with white beans and grilled sausages - 89 rubles.
  • Shrimp and arugula salad - 147 rub.
  • Noodle soup with chicken - 38 rubles.
  • Soup "Minestrone" - 58 rubles.
  • Tomato soup - 75 rubles.
  • Meat, boiled with vegetables, - 105 rubles.
  • Meat cutlet - 76 rubles.
  • Pork ham baked with prunes and celery - 147 rubles.
  • Steamed river fish cutlets - 115 rubles.
  • Rice with chicken and vegetables - 99 rubles.
  • Rice noodles with chicken and vegetables - 148 rubles.
  • Pasta penne "Arabyata" - 148 rubles.
  • Spaghetti with fresh chanterelles - 148 rubles.
  • Tagliatelli with salmon and broccoli - 175 rubles.
  • Tagliatelli "Frute de Mare" with seafood - 175 rubles.
  • Roll "Shaverma" with chicken and vegetables - 140 rubles.
  • Grilled salmon steak - 270 rubles.
  • Grilled beef with charcoal teriyaki sauce - 180 rubles.
  • Braised cabbage with caraway seeds, Bavarian - 58 rubles.
  • Rice wok with sesame seeds - 38 rubles.
  • Additives to tea from fruits and flowers - 20 rubles.
  • Tea with honey and cinnamon - 55 rubles.
  • Vanilla / Blueberry / Strawberry Milkshakes - 80 rub.
  • Freshly squeezed juices - 75-95 rubles.
  • Honey cake - 75 rubles.
  • Chocolate-caramel cake - 92 rubles.
  • "Vanilla plush with lingonberries" - 95 rubles.
  • Lenten pie with cherries and walnuts - 40 rubles.


Nevsky pr., 24Phone: + 7-981-854-48-33Opening hours: from 08:30 to 23:00
Photo: Dmitry Tsyrenshchikov

Watch the video: Exploring The Darkshades Marketplace New Darknet Marketplace (February 2020).

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