Tea pair: Beautiful utensils for tea parties

They say that the dishes beat for happiness, and sometimes a really couple of broken cups is a good reason to think about updating a tea service or at least buying a few new items to refresh the table and add some other colors to the interior. We have put together a small guide for tea utensils, for the sake of which it is not a pity to move a couple of cups to the far side of the chest of drawers.


The Finnish company is famous for its minimalistic design and bright but restrained prints. This pair with the leitmotif of Chinese ceramics will be a beautiful addition to tea drinking.

Marimekko,86 euro

Marimekko,16.50 euros

Half & half

The cult enameled cookware Falcon is a constant companion of Instagram photos and Kinfolk magazine. Unbreakable dishes only get better over the years, moreover, they withstand washing in a dishwasher and heating on the stove, but it’s better not to put such objects in the microwave.

Falcon 2 850 rubles

Falcon700 RUBLES

La redoute

Minimalistic teapot and cups of the AM.PM. brand, created by Belgian designer Valerie Barkowski. Refined shape and faience covered with glaze, smooth white top and rough black bottom. Ideal for lovers of ascetic design.

AM.PM.,3 899 rubles

AM.PM., 3 299 rubles for four cups

English Tea Store

A beautiful classic version, somewhat reminiscent of the legendary service of the Leningrad Porcelain Factory, which can be bought only in its entirety, and these items can be taken separately. For those who are not averse to nostalgic for childhood and grandmother's cherry jam.

English Tea Store, 24.99 pounds

English Tea Store,24.99 lbs

H&M Home

In the mass market brand, you can also find dishes, and, oddly enough, often successful. Simple design, elegant gold elements and a flirty shape. Nothing extra.

H&M Home,1 299 rubles

H&M Home,599 rubles


High fashion in the dishes too. A vintage-style service with a laconic floral print is nowhere more aristocratic. It can be inherited or considered a dowry.

Gucci424 euro

Gucci209 euro for two tea pairs


If you want to go home dishes like in restaurants, for example, in Ilya Tyutenkov’s Pinch, then you need to go to Leform. The Steelite International casual porcelain teapot is still produced exclusively in the city of Stoke-on-Trent in England, and the design of each product is unique.

Craft2 490 rubles

Craft590 rubles

Really well made

Bright teapots and cups of the Janson brand will definitely decorate any kitchen and add colors to the interior. Smooth enamel will not leave anyone indifferent, and cups can be chosen in different colors to assemble the service a bit in the spirit of Malevich's paintings.

Janson53 lbs

Janson 12 pounds


The Seletti Hybrid Zenobia service is a good re-invented classic of Chinese porcelain. A double pattern, edges of different levels and light gilding - you buy such things as a gift, but as a result you leave it to yourself, unable to part with them.

Seletti,7 970 rubles

Seletti,3 650 rubles for a couple of tea

Cover: Matchesfashion

Watch the video: The Glamour of Afternoon Tea (February 2020).

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