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Co-founder of the Surfingbird recommendation service

Once upon a time I registered a domain and didn’t even think of using it somehow. Surfin 'Bird is such a nerve-wracking song by The Trashman. When we launch something new, we turn it on. Once Dima (co-founder of Surfingbird Dmitry Shalashov. - Note H&F) I forgot to say that we have unreleased everything, and I listened to it for two hours. Since then, I laugh a lot and loudly for no apparent reason.

I ride a motorcycle for five years. This is a childhood dream. I have two of them: HD Sportster and Royal Star Tour Deluxe. Every season I open AC / DC - Thunderstruck. When you ride a motorcycle all day, these are the best moments of your life. Neither religion nor drugs will ever give such a thing.

Motorcycle Travel Teaches Do not take too much with you and patience.

Our investors advise me to buy a car. I have no idea why he is in Moscow for me. Perhaps this is something like a balcony or mezzanine, it is convenient to store any unnecessary trash there.

I believe that progress has turned the wrong way. Instead of controlling the weather, people invent all these fucking crossovers and other useless things. City SUV - what could be more idiotic? All this crap with cars started with a diesel engine. Here used to be Charger, Mustang, Camaro, Cuda. Although you can show the children, say: “Look, son, before what cars they did, they flew to the moon, they didn’t spare a dick, they could afford it!” And now everything is going on the basis of Renault Logan in some Romania.

I used to do Muay Thai then he moved closer to the office and now I go to the gym. When you know that you have to tear your ass and get out of bed at a certain time, it disciplines.

We have a bank in our office, in which each latecomer puts 500 rubles. By the end of the month we drink this money. A healthy lifestyle and other raw foods are not about us.

Recently I was at a conference in St. Petersburg, and several people came up to me and said that they were sitting on the Surfingbird all day instead of working. After that, I realized that the place in hell was already prepared for me.



When our employees come to work, then the first half hour they just go blank in Surfingbird. I don’t know how to fix it, because the rest of the time they are doing everything so that people are dumb not half an hour, but an hour.

We do not make people dumber. At us everyone chooses what is interesting to him. For example, I look at naked women. Of course, this cannot make me dumber than I am.

I'm still the most active Surfingbird user.

I can’t imagine such a situation when I would like to stop working on Surfingbird. Some employees have already started families, I can’t tell them: "Hey, I’ve got a little bit nervous. Bye guys!"

We had several competitors, but they ran out of steam. Testimonial services are not a sprint, this is a marathon. They have not yet reached the peak of their popularity. Users in RuNet are just beginning to understand how convenient this is. A year, two - and we will see a real boom.

I believe in niche referral services. If someone makes an intelligent recommendation service for restaurants, then I will use it even for money. I like to eat, but not so much to think and choose.

If you reduce the tax burden, then the IT-business in Russia will begin to develop rapidly without Skolkovo and other initiatives.

The tax office does not understand how is the internet business. They need to explain for a long time why in the first year to work without profit - it's okay. Even now, I sometimes go there and smile like an asshole.

Of course Surfingbird will be fine but in general I am a pessimist. Tomorrow everything will be bad, and the day after tomorrow it will be even worse. And in the end, we all die. Do not forget about it.

Surfingbird Team - this is the reincarnation of Nikola Tesla on Earth. Remember this. We'll get everyone's ass kicked.



Sergey Shalaev graduated from MADI with a degree "repair engineer", but did not work for a day in his specialty, but was engaged in the projects "[email protected]" and WomanJournal. In 2011 along with Dmitry Shalashov, a former Group colleague created the Surfingbird recommendation service. The company later raised $ 2.9 million from Russian and French business angels. The founders have a share of 19%. Today, the service generates 900,000 recommendations per day. The total audience of sites on which the Surfingbird button stands is 50 million unique users per month.


Photo: Anton Berkasov

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