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What do the cops live on

Life around continues to find out how much they earn and what money the representatives of different professions spend. In the new issue - a policeman. According to the law, his income consists of a salary and allowances, which in total cannot exceed the salary. So, cops are paid extra for length of service, special conditions of service, work with the state secret, achievements, increased risk, and more. We decided to find out how much the policeman gets, what he spends money on and whether he takes bribes. (For reasons of anonymity, the hero decided not to tell in which unit he serves.)




48 000 rubles

Main expenses

15 000 RUB.

Training courses

8 000 RUB.

payment of an apartment

10 000-18 000 RUB.


5 000-10 000 RUB.

on vacation

2 000-5 000 RUB.

to pass THAT



How did you get settled

At first I studied at a police college. In fact, I did not understand much then - I was only 16 years old. I was really interested, but after a year I realized that the study was not what I expected. All this stupid discipline, army affairs, busting with the severity of commanders. It’s ridiculous to remember now, but then it didn’t seem so. For example, they demanded that we always have a neat appearance, while there were times when, as a punishment measure, the entire platoon walked around the stadium in heavy rain and, of course, the whole form turned out to be pieces of dirt - they drove home and got a little cleaned. A button came off - they immediately put it on to sew on, for this, everyone in the headdress always had threads with a needle hidden. An important rule is one for all and all for one. If someone naughty one, for example, smoked through the window, then everyone answers. Usually the punishments were related to bad weather. Could put on the parade ground in the rain or in the cold for two or three hours at a stand quietly, and the commander at that time only sometimes looks at you from the second floor. But I do not regret about this school: such moments are tempered, and life is already easier. Despite everything, I decided not to drop out of school.

Then he went to study in absentia as a lawyer and later got into the police. I was taken quickly. Usually you are not asked a lot of questions at the interview. You can literally say a couple of sentences, and the bosses already immediately understand everything, who you are and what you are. Because they are psychologists, this is their acquired skill.

Features of work

Psychologically, it’s very difficult to work: constant complaints, earlier often had to describe corpses. I was already glad that the corpse was not rotten, but fresh. Usually you come, open the apartment, there is a terrible smell that hurts your eyes, and a corpse in bed. The blanket sticks off the body, it all pops, smudges below ... Who will like it?

At work, I also had to deal with pedestrians who cross the roadway in places not specified for this. You stand and fine. He regretted some and did not fine. For example, if some pensioner went to the clinic. There is an uncomfortable transition: she needs to go half a kilometer to a traffic light, cross the road and half a kilometer then back, and her legs hurt. On the other hand, the elderly are just the most vulnerable to accidents; their vision and reaction are not like those of the young.

Bribes, in my opinion, are now reduced to zero. Of course, you can take it, but now there are many different systems for protection - GLONASS was installed on the machines, equipped with video recorders. It seems to me that a better salary increase would work. For example, they would have made 80 thousand rubles, employees would have thought, would have clung to their jobs. Although, of course, for some, no matter how much you make a salary, they will still take it. People themselves can offer bribes, but now basically everyone, on the contrary, is complaining. All dissatisfied, embittered by life and the city.

I noticed that now people have begun to complain more. Previously, you had to come to the police station, write a statement, and so on. And now everything is online, and a person can write some kind of appeal, tapping on a neighbor, without getting up from the couch. It seems to me that this is bad. A person can call himself anything - “Vasya Pupkin”, “Igor Ivanov” - and it is impossible to control who writes to you. It is possible, for example, to make restrictions, for example, only a person who has registered his electronic signature or has proved in any other way that he is he can write an appeal.

If someone plans to go to the police to work, listen to me - no need. Whoever you ask, nobody likes. The load after strong contractions only increased. There are not enough people, they are being reduced, other functions are hung on employees. It’s even hard for me to describe how much more complicated it has become. I come home after work, and I need an hour and a half to put my thoughts in order, my head is just buzzing. You just need to sit in silence so that no one touches me. Even sometimes it’s hard to sleep. On weekends and nights, we are often pulled out of the house for various special operations. For irregular hours of work, which are very many, do not pay anything extra, although this must be paid.

The second important point and the last straw is that we all had our passports taken away when Ukraine started. They said on TV that employees were not recommended to travel abroad. Apparently not recommended - then prohibited. In the personnel department we collected all our passports, explained this by the fact that we know some kind of state secret. Funny: on the Internet now, anything can be found and written. No need to go abroad to tell something. If you want, you can transfer everything via Skype. They say that in the FSB even cleaners are forbidden to travel abroad. But it seems to me that it was banned only because Crimea was annexed. It is necessary that everyone go there and leave money in the country.

Many colleagues want to leave, but they think that nowhere. Whoever you say about dismissal is skeptical: "Oh, where will you go? Nobody needs you!" And I hear this zombie phrase here all the time. This is probably the psychological basis of the police. Usually people go to insurance companies, security services, security. But I do not want to raise the barrier! I’m not a fool, of course, to go away no one knows where, but I will find another job and quit. In general, I believe in life outside the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Salary and expenses

When I first came to the police, I received 15 thousand rubles. Now the salary has grown to 48 thousand rubles. But for such work, of course, this is too small a fee. The amount is fixed, but before there was a meager salary, for example 1,500 rubles, and various additional amounts - mayor (Luzhkov paid us, but Sobyanin did not), quarterly every 3 months, the 13th salary, which could have been 70 thousand rubles. We have more holidays than office workers - a month and two weeks. Previously, you could fly for free - you go abroad, and you get paid round-trip tickets. You can go far, even to Mexico. That is, there was something to work for! Now all this has been canceled.

Every month I save from my salary for vacation, otherwise where will you get the money from later on? Usually it is 5-10 thousand rubles. I have a car, I need to go through MOT (about 15 thousand rubles), I also save this amount gradually, I save 2 thousand rubles. I can skip the month, but the next immediately put 5 thousand rubles.

About 8 thousand rubles (housing and communal services) go to the apartment. Everything else goes to food. Usually I don’t go out for fun: there’s no time for this. It’s forbidden to earn money for us, and if we get a second job, it’s only one that is related to teaching.

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