Beach, Trampoline and Glen Ballis: What to Expect from New Holland This Summer

After the first stage of a large-scale reconstruction, New Holland opened to visitors in 2016. Petersburgers have found not just a cozy park, but an important point of attraction in the city center with an extensive cultural program designed for the widest range of visitors. Last summer, the “Bottle” building started operating on the island - a ring-shaped building with cafes, bars, shops and a sports center, and the Commandant’s House received a new function: it launched the Mayak educational center for children and adolescents.

This year, large-scale discoveries on the island are not planned (warehouse buildings will begin to be commissioned in 2019), but the project continues to develop actively. Life around talks about how the island has changed for the new season and what to expect from it this summer.


Perhaps the most noticeable innovation on the island is the beach, which was equipped on a pontoon in the center of the pond. It turned out picturesquely: the island on the island is covered with a layer of beach sand and is equipped with light turquoise sunbeds and umbrellas. The rules apply here: for security reasons, no more than 40 adults are allowed into the pontoon at a time, but now the beach is the only place in New Holland where you can sunbathe in a bathing suit or swimming trunks (dressing rooms and showers are equipped on the coastline). For obvious reasons, swimming is not allowed in the pond, but from the shore you can watch inflatable flamingos drifting on the water.


During the summer, the opening of three art projects is planned. The first - June 9 - will be the work of the Hungarian artist Dyula Varnai, representing a Cyrillic version of his installation Peace on Earth, which was shown in the pavilion of Hungary at the Venice Biennale last year. Neon composition with a dove and the inscription "Peace to the world!" in fact - a kind of copy of the sign installed in 1958 on top of the tallest building in the industrial town of Dunaujváros in Hungary, which at that time was called Stalinvaros.

In addition, the installation of a young Moscow artist, finalist of the Kandinsky Prize Sasha Frolova will be installed on the island in the summer. Her "Trampoline" will be a kind of giant multi-colored island of latex filled with air. The object will be made interactive: if desired, both children and adults will be able to climb the "trampoline". Also on the territory of the grass garden will appear the installation of "Creme Brulee" by Voronezh artist Ivan Gorshkov - a new series of his monstrous metal sculptures, reminiscent of either heroes of gloomy tales, or scenes from surrealist paintings transferred from the plane to the three-dimensional world.

Updated Herb Garden

This year, the grass garden underwent a radical transformation - though not the most noticeable, but important attraction of the island (a special series of souvenirs and a separate guide-guide are devoted to it). The landscape bureau Moss is responsible for the modernization (Life around recently spoke in detail about it). Instead of ornamental cabbage, lovage, sage and parsley, unpretentious and hardy perennials and cereals from different parts of the world now grow here: oak sage, Buenos Aires verbena, Aflatunsky onion, and Veronikastrum virginia. In total, about 40 plants with fancy names are planted taking into account the flowering time, so the appearance of the garden will change throughout the season, and returning after a month, it will not be recognized.


For children's entertainment on the island now several zones are intended at once. In addition to the giant playground - the almost life-size model of the frigate "Peter and Paul", equipped with slides, stairs and suspension bridges - since last year, there has been a playground for children under five. It is located near the pond and is equipped with the usual sandbox and swings, as well as original bodyboards, which are able to fully take the attention of the kids for at least half an hour.

For older children, special programs were prepared by the Mayak School of Creative Industries, located in the Commandant’s House. All summer there will be weekly intensives for children and adolescents from seven to 16 years old. For example, the closest “Five Professions of the Future” starts on June 18: every day, participants will master one of the most popular modern professions and will be able to try their hand at video blogging, theater scenography, animation, photography and illustration.

Street food

In the park there were more street venues with food and drinks. In both kiosks located on the central avenue ice cream is now being sold, including branded ice cream with the New Holland logo: there is a popsicle, a sugar tube and waffle cups (60-90 rubles).

Like last year, next to the forge building there is a grill bar where you can buy cakes, hot dogs, rolls and sandwiches (150-290 rubles). The institution has its own terrace with a canopy overlooking the grass garden and the model of the frigate "Peter and Paul".

Kuznya house

In terms of gastronomy, the main renewal of this spring affected the island's flagship institution - the Kuznya House restaurant. Now the restaurant’s kitchen is supervised by brand chef Glen Ballis, known for important Moscow projects Margarita, GlenUill and Remy's Kitchen, and the young budding chef Ruslan Zakirov (“Zen Courtyard”, “Kostya Krejtsa Apartment”, Polet Cafe) is directly managing it. The general logic of the menu, oriented towards simple, understandable food, has remained the same, but the content has seriously changed: cosmopolitan ommages of the first chef of the restaurant, Isaac Correa, have been replaced by dishes based on local and seasonal products. Particular attention should be paid to vegetables, in which Ballis is a great master. The menu even included a full-fledged vegetarian section: in it, for example, you can find baked pumpkin with hummus and walnuts (320 rubles), eggplant with Greek yogurt and miso sauce (290 rubles), and also cauliflower with coconut curry (350 rubles) ) In the near future, the cook is updating the menu of the nearby Volkonsky Deli bistro.

And a couple more bonuses: starting next week, Kuznya House will extend the work on Fridays, so that until the early hours of the morning you can eat fully. In addition, during these late dinners, a terrace will be available for visitors, access to which was previously closed at night. The team also plans to launch an additional spikizi site in the open air, the opening date and location are kept secret for now.


The list of tenants of the "Bottle" has not changed much since the opening of the building (which, of course, is a good sign). Of the new, only the Japanese bistro Ronny is worth mentioning - an institution specializing in California interpretations of Japanese cuisine, in the menu of which you can find both traditional sushi (70 rubles) and original dishes: gunkan-maki with pickled radish instead of nori (90 rubles), rolls with unusual fillings, such as fried tofu or tempura shrimp (240-300 rubles), as well as sushirito - a hybrid of burritos and sushi (220-300 rubles).

The most attractive part of the Bottle, the yard, was seriously modernized in the summer. Firstly, a canopy appeared in it, which in case of bad weather almost completely protects the territory from rain (the installation is located underground and can be quickly mounted if necessary). Secondly, for security reasons, visitors' counters appeared in the arch: if there are too many people, entry will be limited.

In addition, the Bottle tenants began to settle in behind the building: now, once a month, a Backyard Party will be held next to the mooring at the Moika, two-day relaxed food festivals dedicated to grilled dishes, for which each of the tenants will prepare a special menu.

The main events


Throughout the summer, a lecture hall operates in the pavilion, the events of which are divided into several sections. For example, the Sunday film club of the Session magazine is thematically tied to the release of new issues: the upcoming lectures will be devoted to the fiftieth anniversary of 1968, the anniversary of Friedrich Ermler, as well as feminism, witch hunting and changing social norms. The lecture hall of the European University consists of two blocks: research and educational. The first includes lectures by leading experts, eminent professors and young university researchers on political sciences and sociology. The second is the presentation of books by the publishing house of the European University. The Garage Museum of Modern Art conducts its educational program, The Stories of the Leningrad Underground: each lecture is dedicated to a separate period or phenomenon of the city’s artistic life, from the “gas-Nevsky movement” to Leningrad art from the perestroika era. Lecture programs are also presented by the Higher School of Economics, the Project Baltic magazine and the design department of New Holland.



12 June

The first concert in Russia by the French group of two sisters - Lisa-Kainde and Naomi Diaz (by the way, the daughters of the Cuban musician Miguel Ang Diaz, who received a Grammy as part of the Buena Vista Social Club). Ibeyi sing in four languages, including a rather rare yoruba, distributed in southern Nigeria, play unusual instruments, and combine hip-hop elements, Latin American melodies, Hispanic rap, quotes from Frida Kahlo's diaries and a fragment of Michelle's feminist speech Obama's.

Kito Jempere Band ft. Jimi Tenor, Mujuice and Love Orchestra

30 June

St. Petersburg electronic musician Kirill Sergeyev, or Kito Jempere, is gathering his experimental supergroup for the second time: this time, in addition to the Kito Jempere Band (DJ Leonid Lipelis and producer and sound engineer Roman Urazov), there will be Finnish jazz legend Jimi Tenor, electronic engineer Mujuice, participants groups Iowa, Manizha, Videatape, Long Arm, SunSay, Assai, Kuznya Band, Kondakov Trio, as well as the shortened composition of the Symphony Orchestra - only 30 people. The team will perform symphonic arrangements of electronic dance music.

Leon Bridges

July 8

In early July, a concert by Texas gospel and soul musician Leon Bridges will take place on the Big Stage - almost in an instant that became famous thanks to convincing stylization: his first album, released in 2015, Coming Home sounded as if it was recorded in the 1960s. Bridges' second record - "Good Thing" - was released this spring: retrostyle has not gone away, but it no longer causes direct associations with the work of the great soul singers Sam Cook and Otis Redding.

Ariel Pink

August 22

Another American retro-musician (this time turned to 70s music in his work) will perform on the island in August. Ariel Pink is a fan of home recordings: as a teenager, he recorded about 500 songs on cassettes, and, becoming a professional performer, continues to work in the old fashion: he independently produces and performs his own music. At the same time, it maintains an enormous pace, sometimes releasing two or three albums a year. At the concert, he will present his 11th studio album "Dedicated to Bobby Jameson".


Beat film festival

July 27-29

At the end of July, at the Beat Film Festival, a documentary about the new culture (just now it is taking place in Moscow), selected films of the program will be presented in the open. In particular, the films “That Summer” will be shown - about the inhabitants of the abandoned Gray Gardens estate in Hampton and the 70s New York bohemian; "Faces, villages" is a documentary road movie in which the director of the French "new wave" Agnes Varda and contemporary street artist JR travel around provincial France, as well as "Grace Jones: bread and circuses" - a frank biopic of the pop music icon.

Charity festival "Anton is nearby"

September 2

On the first Sunday of September, New Holland will host the fifth charity festival of the Anton Here Near Center, which contributes to the habilitation of people with autism. The program is still being formed, but it is known that all day on the island there will be children's, play, interactive and lecture platforms, and in the courtyard of the "Bottle" there will be works by modern neoclassical composers.

Documentary Film Festival on Urban Culture and the Life of the Modern Society Center

September 13-16

Finally, in mid-September, the island will host the Festival of Urban Culture Center, created by the Documentary Film Center and the Museum of Moscow. His program includes the Russian premieres of documentary hits of this festival year, exploring issues of urban and social structure, as well as the winners of a special competition for aspiring documentary filmmakers and video artists.

Watch the video: FLIP ONTO THE BIKE TO BROKEN LEG? CRAZY (February 2020).

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