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How to launch your jewelry brand


Konstantin Mitrokhov

Not without the help of social networks, and in particular Instagram, the jewelry business is experiencing a new boom. New companies are entering the market, trying to attract customers not only with precious stones and metals, but also with an unusual design. In addition to the fact that jewelry is a very beautiful business, they do not have an expiration date, can remain in the trend for a long time, regardless of the season (unlike clothes that can quickly go out of fashion). In addition, small goods do not need a large warehouse. There are many points of growth: those who wish to engage in the jewelry business can both make jewelry themselves and develop their design, entrusting the production to professionals, buying ready-made collections to their taste, developing a franchise or wholesale supply, as well as selling their items on city markets. Life around learned how to start this business (perhaps for this you will not have to go through all the steps described, but perhaps you will have more).


a relatively easy way to go into fashion business

Irina Burtseva

founder of the jewelry brand

She began the development of her jewelry brand in 2012, then it was a suitcase with variegated jewelry and sales by girlfriends. A year later, design production and sales through social networks and markets began. Later, the first kiosk in Afimall opened, a franchise appeared in Kazan, Novosibirsk, Stavropol and Alma-Ata. Now the company has three points in Moscow, where on average 1,500 jewelry are sold per month.

Instruction manual

How to launch your jewelry brand

Step 1

Decide on a concept and come up with a name

Step 2

Develop corporate identity

Step 4

Establish production or procurement

Step 5

Open a store or a corner

Step 1. Decide on a concept and come up with a name

To begin with, it is worth deciding on the concept of a future brand. It is important to choose a jewelry style, because literally everything will depend on it - the brand’s target audience, pricing policy, corporate identity, sales channels and promotion methods. The more clearly and correctly you formulate the brand idea, the easier it will be to plan further steps. Naming is also a very important step. The name should reflect the idea of ​​the brand or be associated with its creator, be sonorous and memorable.

Irina Burtseva: “Creating my own brand, I decided to give independent girls the opportunity to look like a million without spending it on diamonds, to make fashion jewelry affordable. The WANNA? BE! Collection has laconic jewelry without stones, and chic, while they are fashionable and modern. Our customers are girls who do not want to wait for holidays and gifts, but prefer to buy jewelry for themselves, they want to be different and express themselves with the help of accessories, and we tell them “Want? Be!” and give a wide selection of jewelry for this. Hence the name "

Step 2. Develop a corporate identity

Do not underestimate the logo, fonts, color combinations, rules for the location of all elements and postpone their development until later. The sooner the corporate identity is formed, the faster it is imprinted in the minds of customers, the faster you will become noticeable to potential partners, the press.

Irina Burtseva: “When choosing a designer, you should be guided by his portfolio. Friendly relations and a low price are not the key to success, but rather the opposite. But a detailed brief will definitely benefit the case.

Causes WANNA? BE! markedly went uphill when we changed the logo, which I somehow painted myself, to our corporate mask from professional designer Anatoly Zenkov. The new logo combines the letters W and B, my love for superheroes, and most importantly - the brand's idea: to give the girl the opportunity to transform, to be cool. The main place in our business is occupied by jewelry, nothing should distract from them, therefore the corporate identity implies only two colors - a lot, a lot of white and a little black. Moreover, all the photo content is very bright, it has become our hallmark in social networks. "

Step 3. Get Permissions

Before starting a business, you should register a company or obtain the status of an individual entrepreneur, as well as obtain the permissions necessary for working with jewelry.

Irina Burtseva: "If you plan to sell jewelry that includes precious metals (silver, gold, platinum group metals), then before you start any action, you need to get a special account in the Assay Chamber. To do this, in the list of activities (OKVED) of your company there should be, for example, retail sale of jewelry, storage and warehousing, wholesale trade in jewelry, other details can be clarified on the website of the Assay Chamber, there you can also download a special registration card.

After this, it is necessary to undergo training at a specialized center for combating the laundering of proceeds from crime and the financing of terrorism. As a result, you and / or your accountant will receive a Rosfinmonitoring officer certificate and will be required to comply with a number of necessary rules and measures. This is mandatory: Rosfinmonitoring audits are famous for their ruthlessness and the highest fines. Yes, the legislation that regulates the turnover of precious metals in Russia is really very complex and is a serious barrier to entry into the market. But who said it would be easy?

We are at WANNA? BE! we try to follow all the rules, monitor innovations, consult with lawyers, and, to be honest, my brain sometimes explodes from the seeming absurdity of some requirements. But it must be necessary. Indeed, punishment is not only gigantic fines, but in some cases criminal liability. The trademark is also registered with us, and not only in Russia, but also abroad. "

Step 4. Set up production or procurement

It is necessary to decide in advance which particular jewelry you will offer your customers, what metals they will be made of, which stones will be used as inserts.

Site Central Excise Customs

Irina Burtseva: “If you want to make jewelry yourself, it’s worth considering whether you can make a sample or 3D models of jewelry, whether your craftsmanship ensures uninterrupted supplies. If the brand does not mean piece production of unique products, then you probably need the help of a jewelry factory in Russia or outside it. Correctly prepare contracts with suppliers or manufacturers and find alternatives, because you cannot afford to be left with empty display cases at some point. rates on time delivery and customs clearance, as well as the extra couple of weeks to force majeure and delays.

All jewelry coming from abroad must undergo customs clearance at the special post of the Central Excise Customs, and this process can take from several days to several weeks. After that, all jewelry must be handed over to branding: each must have an original Russian test. This is not less than a week. (Therefore, we order the New Year's collection in August.)

In the case of Russian production, everything is somewhat simpler, since the plant takes over the testing. But finding a suitable manufacturer in Russia can be difficult. In addition, prices here are usually higher than Asian prices, even taking into account import duties and VAT.

I myself develop all the sketches with a professional jewelry 3D designer, then we send 3D models to the factory where the signal samples are made, and after their approval a batch is ordered. We collaborated for several years mainly with one excellent Thai factory. In 2014, jumps in the dollar exchange rate forced us to look towards Russian production. We started working with a large factory, and now almost half of our assortment is labeled “Made in Russia”. I invested very little in the first purchases, then reinvested everything I earned into them, at some stage I added 25 thousand dollars from the sale of the car. But in general, this is not a business for which you can prepare a clear business plan in advance. "

Step 5. Open a store or a corner

You can start selling by participating in markets. You can also try to get with your collection to multi-brand fashion jewelry stores that have their own points of sale (the largest are Podium Market, Poison Drop, Magia di Gamma, ITEMS), although this is quite difficult: you need to meet a number of criteria. After that, you might think about your own store.

Irina Burtseva: "Shopping centers are very different, have their own characteristics and attract a different audience. Some are more fashionable, others are family, third are youth and so on. This must be taken into account. It is worth spending a lot of time in the shopping center at different times of the day and days of the week to see for yourself who his visitors are, how many there are. It’s useful to ask sellers of other stores. Of course, according to the instructions, they shouldn’t tell you anything, but general information can be obtained. There are official ratings of the popularity of shopping centers, on the Internet there are available information on the traffic and feedback.

Evaluate shopping centers in terms of their capabilities. What contacts do you have? How much are you willing to pay for the rental? Knowing the name and contacts of a particular employee, which you can contact in case of anything, always adds points. Shopping centers hold events for potential tenants, where you can meet the right people in person. A number of shopping centers rent out their space through agencies.

Shopping centers are reluctant to take new unknown brands, because they are interested in stable tenants for a long period. But if you feel the strength in yourself, your concept is solid and there is a margin of safety for paying rent in case of weak sales, then you should try. You will need a cool presentation, with lots of photos and comprehensive information about your company: concept, pricing policy, sales channels, publications, team. Following the presentation, the mall may request a visualization of your store or kiosk - this should be prepared in advance. All materials must be prepared by professionals.

Shop windows with decorations should be a magnet for buyers: inspire them to buy, but do not distract them from their ornaments with an elaborate design. Typically, jewelry stores are located in a small area. This implies that every square centimeter of space counts. It is important to organize both the storage area and the display cases in order to fit the maximum of goods and all the necessary things. At the same time, all the equipment of the future store is waiting for daily active operation, which means that, in addition to aesthetics and ergonomics, it is necessary to take care of the durability of all elements. And of course, we must not forget about security: reliable locks, safes, a video surveillance system and an alarm system are required.

Silver jewelry is considered a high-margin product, and with successful development of events, namely, good sales from the start, as it was with us, the store pays for itself in 4-6 months, depending on the place, season and other factors.

First WANNA? BE sales! occurred through social networks, and we also moved through them, then markets followed, and then a corner in a store of young Russian designers. My ambitions forced me to move forward, so I chose retail sales as the main direction for development. From the very beginning, I knew what my “island” would look like. She came up with the idea of ​​making it into a huge diamond. Fortunately, the Afimoll management liked my idea, and before the New Year in 2013 the store was opened. Since then, the same diamonds have appeared in Aviapark and in Metropolis. I built my first kiosk without experience, so I had to modify it several times. But in the last opened island WANNA? BE! in the shopping center Metropolis all the details were taken into account. I found a contractor on the recommendations of friends, like every previous time. "We finally broke the tradition after opening the next day to call electricians and carpenters, to finish and repair something."

Step 6. Hire and train staff

It is unlikely that you will be able to combine permanent work in a kiosk with preparing new collections and solving bureaucratic problems at customs, so you need to take care of hiring good sellers.


Two sellers, part-time accountant, designer, SMM and PR specialists on freelance

Irina Burtseva: “Perhaps this step is one of the most difficult. You can establish a brilliant jewelry brand, produce beautiful and high-quality jewelry, get a coveted place in the best shopping center, but if you fail the hiring stage, you will fail the whole business. Moreover, sales - this is a function that you, as a young entrepreneur, will not be able to perform on your own (daily from 10 to 22 without days off and holidays).

A good seller should have many qualities: a good appearance, a certain charisma, the ability to communicate, lack of constraint, associative thinking, good taste and memory, responsibility, attentiveness, accuracy, ability to count. Needless to say, it’s hard to find such people? We devote a lot of time to training sellers, we develop clear instructions for any occasion, but, of course, the most important is practice. We try to avoid rotation, create a comfortable atmosphere in the team and keep sellers in good conditions. Searching for sellers is always a difficult task, and it’s most successful to find them using our social networks, in the second place is the traditional way - through hh.ru ".


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