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Fast food: how to eat a lot and quickly?

Contests for eating something are long-standing fun, and in some countries also professional sport, which the most desperate owners of big stomachs are capable of. Joey Chestnut from California, for example, ate 72 hot dogs in ten minutes; Chinese TV presenter Ahn Ki - cotton candy in three seconds; Englishman David Greenman - 33 heads of raw garlic per minute. Mayonnaise, broccoli, ice cream, pickles and even crocodile eggs are eaten at speed, but most often competitions are held among burger lovers. In the joint project Life around and the superhero burger "You + BURGER" we learn how to prepare for the competition if you want to eat much more than an ordinary classic burger.

In the West, if you search, you can always find a food service, where the menu will offer to eat a kilogram burger per hour and not pay for it, subject to the time frame. Such a tempting action in our burger, unfortunately, is almost never found. In the USA, there is MLE (Major League Eating), an organization that monitors all official speed eating events of all kinds of food around the world. On July 4, Independence Day, at the country's main sports television holding ESPN, all ratings, for example, beat the country's main hot-dog eating tournament. There is no clear system of such tournaments in Russia. We found a regular participant and winner of Moscow tournaments, Arkady Grichishkin, the unrecognized champion of the country for high-speed eating of burgers.

Arkady Grichishkin

25 years old, 186 cm, 95 kg

This whole story began with one argument. I bet with a friend that I could easily eat 20 bananas in 20 minutes. On X-day, my friend brought in 20 bananas, the largest, greenest and hardest that I found on the market. I easily dealt with them in 14 minutes and won a box of bananas and five thousand rubles. Then he argued more than once in between couples that I could eat four Big Tasty from McDonald's. Each time he won and ate his favorite food for free.

In the competition for high-speed eating of burgers, I participate about three times a year. I’ve already managed to earn a name for myself, so I’m not asking for it, they usually call me themselves. In all tournaments in which I managed to participate, I won. There are usually two formats: either the first to eat some giant burger (the last time it was a monster of 1.5 kilograms), or in the allotted time to push the largest amount into yourself. You can drink it with water, this is the main weapon for victory, but I drink it with Coke, it tastes better for me. I’m not getting very prepared for the competition, I just don’t eat anything on the day of the battle. Tea, cookies, porridge, but a little bit.

I like to eat, I don’t sit on diets, but I fast. This year, he lost nine kilograms during the post, just before the competition, it was very out of place.

The main guarantee of success is the constant "pumping" of the stomach. In preparation for the tournament, the pros drink five gallons of water several times a day in one gulp, thereby pushing the boundaries of the walls of the stomach.

Once I almost went overboard with faith in my abilities. I argued with a friend that I would eat two kilograms of dumplings in one go and three kilometers immediately after that. I overcame the dumplings with difficulty, after that I had to put on my gym shoes and run. When I sat down on a chair and bent down to tie my shoelaces, I immediately hated myself for my stubbornness. I do not like to lose, spat on the laces and ran. I ran to the end of the distance, cursing everything and everyone around. Two days after that he didn’t eat anything, his stomach ached. The conclusion is simple: do not engage in active physical activity after eating a lot.

Professionals who constantly participate in competitions are actually very fit and athletic people. After all, fat only interferes, compressing the walls of the stomach and preventing it from stretching and actively working. The main guarantee of success is the constant "pumping" of the stomach. A real pro in the competition should put in a lot of food and water. And the standard human stomach simply cannot handle this, so there are special techniques for expanding it. In preparation for the tournament, the pros drink five gallons of water several times a day in one gulp, thereby pushing the boundaries of the walls of the stomach. Many athletes train their jaws by chewing special silicone pads for several hours a day. Some even resort to the help of hypnotists to suppress their fear of a gag reflex. It is very important to eat while standing, thereby not limiting your movements in any way and helping your entire digestive system to work to its fullest.

Rules for those who want to participate in a gastronomic competition

Before the contest, be sure to consult your doctor if you can even take such food in such quantities.

Choose a contest to eat the food that you like, exercise at home: try to eat for a while more than one plate of pasta or dumplings.

During training, try to learn how to swallow food quickly and easily, try to curl food so as to facilitate swallowing.

Before the competition, eat as you are used to; you should not starve and diet.

Be sure to drink food during the competition, the liquid is not a thirst quencher, but the necessary lubricant.

Do not enter the competition when intoxicated.


The first superhero burger in Dzerzhinsk and Nizhny Novgorod arranges a sandwich battle!

When and where?

May 19, 15:00

St. Vedenyapina, 1a

Participation is free!

What will happen?

A good host and interesting contests.

A lot of food that needs to be eaten at speed or in time.

What to do to participate?

1. Subscribe toYOU + BURGER.

2. Repost THIS records.

3. Write in the comments tothis Records your first name, last name and contact phone number.

Anyone who has reached the age of 18 can take part. You can also sign up at all the burgers - just ask the administrator for a profile.

The main prize is ten liters of foam. The photo of the winner will be placed in a frame on the wall in the burger so that everyone knows the hero.

Material prepared with support

Watch the video: This Is Why Trump Really Eats So Much Fast Food (February 2020).

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